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Basic photoshop masking techniques

Photoshop is a global phenomenon and many of us used to use it with a rather poor knowledge. It contains a number of powerful tools that give users a huge power of decision-making. In other words, there are many ways how to get to the same result in Photoshop. The difference is the question of […]

I love retouching…

Rollover the image to see before and after A few days ago I walked around a railway tunnel in Bratislava and accidentally I had a digital camera with me. During my teenage days, we often went to do some crazy things there. Now I just stay with Photoshop adjusting the reality.

Saving time with Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions together with Image Processor can be a huge time-saver. Let’s say you have a collection of 30 nice images and you need to apply a complex combination of adjustment layers and effects to them. Instead of opening and copying layers or recreating effects, you can record all those steps you need to apply and store […]

The secret paths of JPG images

If you are a graphic designer, you already know that. However, I haven’t, until recently. JPG images can store clipping paths. If it is new for you, keep reading, this is quite useful. A month ago I was working on project, a product catalogue with around 50 pages. The company I worked for supplied me with […]

Animated Google maps in PDF

Maybe you already know (or maybe not yet) that a PDF file, the Portable Document Format, can also be a very interactive and dynamic document. This format offers a wide range of interactive features. Today I would like to share with you something that has fascinated me for a long time – How to embed […]

Making a book in InDesign from Word

I have recently worked on a bureaucratic publication that needed to be prepared for press. I was given a Word document that was written in Word in a way that made me crazy. Some text was formatted and styled other not. The entire text was just a mess of incorrectly formatted styles and characters. I […]

Wacom & Adobe Illustrator collaboration

Difficulty: Intermediate • Tools: Adobe Illustrator CS5 (or higher) and Wacom Tablet • Time: 3.5 hours  In this post I will focus on key features that make vector drawing incredibly easy when connecting a Wacom tablet to Adobe Illustrator. It’s true that Wacom graphic tablets are really far ahead from other competitive products. So if you think of buying […]